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Case Studies

Adamec Harley Davidson

This 3rd generation Harley Davidson franchise located in Jacksonville Florida has taken the necessary steps to become energy efficient by converting all existing lights in their facilities to LED. Adamec Harley Davidson currently has 3 full-service retail locations in Jacksonville and 1 smaller (clothing only) boutique location in a neighboring town. In addition, they replaced their current thermostats with the CoolProEM Energy Management System. To date, the reduction in energy usage across the board has been greater than 35%!

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Aqua East Surf Shop

Facility Type: Showroom/office space/Parking lot kWh Reduction: 38% Scope of Work: The most popular surf shop located in Neptune Beach, and St. Augustine Florida tackled their high electrical bill and poor showroom lighting by making the LED switch. Replacing more than 1,200 lights throughout both facilities and more than 20 outdoor lights, the Aqua East | Read more

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Woodchuck’s Furniture

Facility Type: Showroom/office space/warehouse/building perimeter kWh Reduction: 48% Scope of Work: Woodchucks™ Fine Furniture & Decor has a 21,000 sq. ft. showroom and a 20,800 sq. ft. warehouse located in Jacksonville, Florida. Their lighting in the showroom was primarily 90W halogens. Office and storage spaces were mainly T12s. The energy consumption through lighting was approximately | Read more

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