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At Lifetime Lights, our passion is driving change and transforming the landscape of commercial and industrial lighting worldwide. At the core of our mission is a commitment to reducing energy consumption and slashing maintenance costs through cutting-edge LED lighting solutions.

Lifetime Lights was born out of a vision for a brighter, more sustainable future. With a global presence, we have proudly grown into a leading force in the realm of innovative lighting solutions.

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17+ years of service in the Solar & Renewable Energy

Choose Lifetime Lights and join us in illuminating a greener, more efficient tomorrow for commercial and industrial facilities everywhere.


We started from 2006

Founded on the principles of innovation and sustainability, Lifetime Lights has been at the forefront of transforming the way businesses approach lighting. Headquartered globally, we take pride in our role as a beacon of illumination efficiency.

Our mission is to provide the best quality.

At Lifetime Lights, our mission is clear: to revolutionize energy efficiency for commercial and industrial facilities worldwide. With a relentless commitment to reducing both energy consumption and maintenance costs, we have become the industry leader in LED lighting solutions.

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