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Adamec Harley Davidson

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Adamec Harley Davidson


Adamec Harley Davidson

Facility Type:

Showroom/mechanic shop/ office space/Parking lot

kWh Reduction


Scope of Work:

This 3rd generation Harley Davidson franchise located in Jacksonville Florida has taken the necessary steps to become energy efficient by converting all existing lights in their facilities to LED. Adamec Harley Davidson currently has 3 full-service retail locations in Jacksonville and 1 smaller (clothing only) boutique location in a neighboring town.

In addition, they replaced their current thermostats with the CoolProEM Energy Management System. To date, the reduction in energy usage across the board has been greater than 35%!

The 3 locations in Jacksonville had thousands of lights replaced that consist of: T8 tubes, high bays, track lighting, work shop lights and parking lot lights.

In addition to the energy savings, the advantages of LED are numerous. Maintenance/light replacement has been eliminated. No more trips up ladders and lifts for many years to come. HVAC run time has decreased significantly due to the reduction of heat produced by the LED lighting.

The vibrant and brilliant pure light emitted by the LEDs has changed the overall look and feel of the showrooms- no more inconsistent lighting, hot spots and dark spots. No more humming from the ballasts. And no more flickering- just to name a few.

The Motivation to Make the Switch:

Adamec Harley Davidson in Jacksonville Florida was considering LED lighting for all of the aforementioned benefits, however, there was one reason in particular that made it more of a necessity, foot candles.

Most companies have foot candle requirements in their showrooms that must be maintained. By Harley Davidson standards, the foot candle requirements vary throughout the facility. When Adamec Harley Davidson and V-Blox were able to increase their foot candles and in some locations double the requirements, it made sense to move forward with the project and make the LED switch.

The Final Result:

Adamec Harley Davidson is saving thousands of dollars on their utility bill and maintenance, they have brilliantly lit showrooms, garages, parking lots and office space and have a very quick ROI. They are able to do all of this with the V-Blox System and by spending no more money than what they were paying the power company.

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