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Aqua East Surf Shop

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Aqua East Surf Shop


Aqua East Surf Shop

Facility Type:

Showroom/office space/Parking lot

kWh Reduction


Scope of Work:

The most popular surf shop located in Neptune Beach, and St. Augustine Florida tackled their high electrical bill and poor showroom lighting by making the LED switch. Replacing more than 1,200 lights throughout both facilities and more than 20 outdoor lights, the Aqua East Showrooms and parking lots never looked better. Combine the look with the huge savings and it’s a no-brainer.

In addition, Aqua East replaced their current thermostats with the CoolProEM Energy Management System. To date, the reduction in energy usage across the board has been greater than 38%!

Energy savings and brilliant light are not the only advantages of LED. Maintenance / light replacement has been eliminated. No more trips up ladders and lifts for many years to come. HVAC run time has decreased significantly due to the reduction of heat produced by the LED lighting.

The Final Result:

Aqua East Surf Shop is saving thousands of dollars on their power bill. But reducing their light energy bill and HVAC run time is only the beginning. The merchandise in the showrooms have never been seen like this. Illuminating the product with clean, brilliant LED light while saving is a true win win at Aqua East.

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