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Woodchuck’s Furniture


Woodchuck’s Furniture

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Showroom/office space/warehouse/building perimeter

kWh Reduction


Scope of Work:

Woodchucks™ Fine Furniture & Decor has a 21,000 sq. ft. showroom and a 20,800 sq. ft. warehouse located in Jacksonville, Florida. Their lighting in the showroom was primarily 90W halogens. Office and storage spaces were mainly T12s. The energy consumption through lighting was approximately 50%. HVAC run time exceeded 80% on average, which is directly attributed to the heat generated from the lighting. In addition to the high utility bills, maintenance costs were also high with replacements and labor. More than 80% of the lamps were being replaced within a 12 month period. The warehouse was made up of 8′ T12s and high bays. Brightness was a bigger concern here as the current lighting was not getting the job done. In addition to internal lighting, their outdoor building lights were very inefficient and very yellow. Poor security was a concern in addition to energy waste.

The first step was to install V-Blox CoolProEM systems to monitor the current energy usage and provide a smart thermostat that will change the way they cool and heat the facility going forward. Next, replace all of the 90W halogens with very efficient 15W PAR 38 LEDs in a 3,000K temp to enhance the showroom. Then, the offices were converted to 18W T8 LEDs. The warehouse saw a change of 400W high bay lights to 150W LEDs and 72W 8′ T8s dropped to 36W LED T8s. All of the outdoor wall packs were converted to 40W LEDs which not only increased savings, it increased the brightness tremendously, making it a much safer environment.

The Final Result:

Woodchucks™s Fine Furniture & Decor is thrilled with the savings on both the light energy and the HVAC run time. With almost 50% savings with the high-efficiency LED lighting and more than 50% savings in HVAC, their projected ROI is less than 2 years.

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